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 10 Anson Road #02-39 International Plaza Singapore 079903      Coralie 9653 3618

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 10 Anson Road #02-39 International Plaza Singapore 079903     Coralie 9653 3618

About Us


We specialize in bio-cleaning of handbags, purses and shoes, including removal of moulds and/or smell, re-coloring and related services.

The services we offer are:

  • Bio-cleaning To get rid of grime, dirt, stains (and most importantly, bacteria)
  • Removal of smell Nothing beats a fresh smelling handbag, purse or pair of shoes
  • Moulds eradication Removal and retarding future growth
  • Colouring To restore the original colour or have a refreshing coat of new colour
  • Waterproofing To repel dirt and/or stains
  • Repair service Broken zipper, damaged and/or torn leather or fabric

The proof is in the pudding. Try our service and be convinced.

We see ourselves as being in the health and environment preservation business.

Many people are ignorant about the amount of bacteria they carry in their handbags, purses and shoes. Studies have shown that many of these items were contaminated with loads of bacteria that inadvertently get transferred to their carriers / wearers thus affecting their well being. Frequent cleaning of their treasured belongings can drastically reduce the risk of contamination.

Environment Preservation
We assist people in extending the lifespan of their handbags, purses and shoes with bio-cleaning to remove dirt, grime and other foreign particles that cause premature ageing and accelerated wear and tear. We also help people to refurbish and/or beautify their handbags, purses and shoes so that their useful lifespan could be lengthened.

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